How to Remove Virus with Kaspersky Rescue Disk?

If you have Kaspersky antivirus installed on your system you can use rescue mode to scan and remove virus or malware for nonstop protection. Kaspersky rescue disk is an ultimate tool you can use to disinfect your computer and free from all the infected files. To remove virus with Kaspersky rescue disk follow the process given below.

Scan PC in Graphic Mode

Scan the system in Graphic mode and to carry out this process follow the steps given below:

Step1:  Start your computer from Kaspersky Rescue Disk in graphic mode.

Step2: Now at the bottom left hand corner of the screen click on the icon and select Kaspersky Rescue Disk from the open menu option.

Step3: Now you have to update antivirus database of the Kaspersky Rescue Disk and to perform this action go to My Update Center and click on the Start Update button. You can also get Kaspersky virus removal support to update the Kaspersky database.

Step4: Wait here till database get updated and go to objects scan tab to proceed further.

Step5: Now check the boxes against the object you want to scan for viruses. Usually Kaspersky Rescue Disk scans Disk boot sectors and hidden startup objects on the computer.

Step6: Click on the Start Objects to scan button and once the scan completed and malicious objects are detected, the application will ask you to select the action to be executed with detected threats. Here will have three options – Disinfect, Quarantine and Delete.

Scan Your Computer in Text Mode

To start the scanning process and use Kaspersky Rescue Disk and remove malware from your computer you need to perform the following action.

Step1: Run your PC with Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 in the text mode.

Step2: Now in the main menu of the loaded file manager midnight commander use the arrows to select the type of scan required and hit the enter key on your keyword.

Step3: When the scanning process ends, update the antivirus database of the Kaspersky Rescue Disk. To do this select start update in the main menu of the Midnight commander and hit either enter or U key on your keyboard.

Removing Virus with Kaspersky rescue disk can be achieved by following the steps given above. If you failed to complete this process you can call at Kaspersky antivirus support number to get online support for solving virus scan related issues online. Kaspersky virus protection will work best when you use this antivirus carefully.