How to Solve Kaspersky Activation Server Error?

Kaspersky is a strong protection antivirus tool which helps the PCs and laptops to keep away from viruses, malwares, adwords, and cyber threats etc. Sometimes issues with Kaspersky internet security key can be found while using this antivirus which prevents in activating this antivirus.

Kaspersky antivirus key is a software key which certified that the copy of the software is an original copy. For any issues related with Kaspersky Product Key the users are free to contact the world class technicians. The customers facing any issue with Kaspersky internet security activation code they are required to get in touch with the technical support where the entire issues are undertaken by the experts.

If users are getting any error message as “Internal Activation Server Error” go with the following steps mentioned below:

Check for Internet connection:

If you are getting internal activation server error you can search for use Internet Explorer to check if your computer has an Internet connection, try to open If you have no access to the Internet, contact your Internet service provider for troubleshooting. Try to install the application once again when the Internet connection is restored.

Check the configure Firewall settings:

Make sure that Firewall is installed on your computer with an allowing rule is created for the avp.exe process in the Firewall settings. It is a program used to monitors data transferred via the Internet or local networks for secure work in the LAN and on the Internet.

Check the system date:

Now after performing the above two steps then try to check whether the system date is set correctly on your computer. This could be also a reason which can create such problems.

Re-install the application once:

If the above given points did not help to resolve the problem then users may try to re-install the application once after an hour.

Contact with Technical Support:

If still the same issues is displaying then users may have to contact Kaspersky Technical Support.

The users are needed to get in touch with the world class technicians and their only method to resolve the issue is by Remote Access Technology. Users can contact with Kaspersky antivirus support number which is available 24-hours 365 days without a single stop. The services are offered for US and Canada Kaspersky antivirus users.