How to Configure and Use Safe Money in Kaspersky Antivirus?

Kaspersky internet security offers a safe banking component to perform online financial transaction or do other similar activities in highly secured manner. Kaspersky Safe Money helps to avoid financial losses and ensure the security of personal data.

When you use this tool, every time when you initiate online payment or do banking transactions your browser will be redirected to safe money mode. Once you are redirected to this browser mode, you will be in safe mode and can execute financial transaction safely.

Using this safe money you need to configure with right settings and here below find how to use safe money in Kaspersky Internet Security or Total Security 2017 on your PC.

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Step1: To use Safe Money modes install the Kaspersky Protection Plugin and enable the service on your browser. You can activate it on any browser including Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Chrome running on windows or Mac computer.

Step2: Open your browser and in address bar type an online banking payment address bar on your computer.

Step3: Once you open the browser you will be asked to continue in safe mode, click on safe mode.

Step4: Now your safe money is started and you can perform safe online transactions.

Step5: You can also add websites into safe money database by opening the Kaspersky security click safe money and add website to Safe Money where type URL and click on add tab.

Step6: To enable or disable safe money click on settings and open protection section where you will find Safe Money section, just slide the switch on or off by clicking over it.

Step7: To change your browser as a default browser Open Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 and again open settings this time again go to protection and select safe money. Here you will see additional section and specify the browser need to be used in safe mode.

Step8: Meanwhile using Kaspersky Safe Money if you face any problem you can call to Kaspersky total security support number and get online assistance by expert technicians. The problem will be diagnosed and fixed remotely ensuring your privacy and safe use of PC.