How to Disable “Kaspersky Databases are Out of Date Message”?

Kaspersky antivirus software automatically keeps updated database every time it is available for the end-users. But if your computer is not connected to internet it will show you a message “Databases are out of date” or “Databases are extremely out of date”. And if your system remains offline for many days you will often get the warnings about database status of antivirus software.

This constant error message appearing on your computer screen can irritate you that you can control by disabling the notification. However, if you face database related any other error you can take cues from our blog How to Fix Kaspersky Database Update Error to solve such issues. Right here we will tell you the right process to disable Kaspersky databases extremely out of date message.

fix Kaspersky Databases are Out of Date Message

Steps to Disable Kaspersky Databases Out of Date Message:

Step1: First of all open the Kaspersky by double clinking on the antivirus icon appearing in system tray.

Step2: Now navigate to the upper right corner of the program to select settings icon and then click on Advanced Settings appearing in the form of box located in the left pane of the Settings window.

Step3: Now here in the left pane click on E-mail Notifications settings on the right side.

Step4: Here in the right pane click on the settings located under option notify about the events.

Step5: Now under important events you need to uncheck the box under screen along with Databases are out of date and then press OK to apply the changes.

These crucial steps will help you to disable the Kaspersky databases out of date notification and not display any such message showing the status of database. Now every time when new update comes it will automatically update database when you connect your system to the internet connection.

However, if you face any problem while disabling the notification or you need any help to resolve Kaspersky antivirus including Kaspersky internet security or Kaspersky Total security software related any issue, you can freely call at Kaspersky contact number and get online help by antivirus experts to diagnosis and fix the issue remotely with effective and safe results.