How to Fix Error Kaspersky Loading the Application Stuck?

It is a frustrating task when Kaspersky antivirus is not working well and it will create a risk on exposure to external connectivity and may compromise your security. Time to time you must have to check and install latest updates to virus definition as well as antivirus program to avoid errors.

If you are facing an error with Database in Kaspersky read blog to know How to Fix Kaspersky Database Update Error. You can read below for methods to fix error Kaspersky loading the application stuck and follow step by step execution to solve the problem.

fix error kaspersky loading the application stuck

Steps to Fix Kaspersky Loading the Application Slow:


Step1: Check the version of installed Kaspersky by opening folder in which Kaspersky installed.

Step2: Open official site and search for update patches for your antivirus.

Step3: Right click downloaded file and start installing.

Step4: Follow on screen commands and restart to apply updates.


Step1: If antivirus is not running then shut down the computer.

Step2: Wait for 2 minutes and restart the computer as Power on self-test is able to fix errors up to some extent.

Step3: Check if the antivirus is running now.


Step1: Open control panel and navigate to windows update.

Step2: Click on check for updates option and after you find updates install them and restart computer.

Step3: After restarting check if Kaspersky loading the application stuck is working now.


Step1: Open control panel and navigate to programs.

Step2: Search for Kaspersky program causing problem and select the option to click remove or uninstall.

Step3: Follow on screen commands and after uninstalling restart the computer.

Step4: Open official site and download latest version of Kaspersky Antivirus.

Step5: Right click on installed file and start installing Kaspersky.

Step6: Follow on screen commands to install the Antivirus.

Call Kaspersky Support Number +1-877-402-7778to Fix Error Kaspersky Loading The Application Stuck

Incorrect setting of the Kaspersky antivirus may end you with loading application this can be fixed by updating settings. You can also call Kaspersky antivirus support number to get instant help online by calling +1-877-402-7778 toll free number to get help while connecting online to a remote session monitored by certified Professionals.