How to Fix Kaspersky Database Update Error?

Kaspersky antivirus works nonstop with real-time scanning but you may notice a sudden red protection status indicating that your database is outdated and you need to update it. And, if you run the update but the protection status indicator not changes means there is some issue. To deal with Kaspersky database related issue we brought the right process you can follow.

Check and Update System Time & Date

If your system time and date is incorrect, or you can say current date is earlier than system date such issues occurs. Kaspersky compares the actual date and time with last update, and if it is not matched, and as soon as new updates available you get the notifications. Hence, check your system’s time and adjust the same as per the internet timing to avoid database error. If you need help, then dial Kaspersky technical support to adjust the actual problem.  

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Check the User Account Settings

Kaspersky antivirus comes with advanced feature allows you to run the updates on user’s behalf even when the security software is currently defending only a limited user account. You have to login into user account to specify whether to run the update task. If the second option is selected but authorizations are given you will see the database related errors. To fix the error, either select the first option or specify the correct login and password of the preferred account.

Check the Power Saving Mode on your Laptop

If you have enabled battery saving mode on your laptop it will stop such software like Kaspersky internet security program to not download such update when your laptop is running on power saving mode. To update the database either disable the battery saving or plug your laptop with power supply and then start the downloading process. If you still face problem, Kaspersky update support is available for you to fix the problem at root levels.

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Check and Configure Proxy Setting Correctly

Incorrect proxy server setting is also another reason for database update error. Go to settings and open proxy server settings under additional network and check the configuration is up-to-date. Otherwise you can change this setting from your browser where proxy server setting is activated creating a problem for your antivirus. You can also call Kaspersky total security support to adjust this setting and avoid database related issues to keep antivirus up-to-date.