How to Fix Kaspersky Password Manager Error?

Creating different passwords to every different account will make you forget the passwords, Kaspersky password manager is here to manage each and every password you updated with manager. If after updating all the passwords you are not able to open run or reload the password an unknown error will be shown that may be due to some recent changes caused by different software that harmed files of Kaspersky password manager.

If you are facing an update error in Kaspersky you can read our last blog explains How to Fix Kaspersky Database Update Error. To know about unknown error in Kaspersky password manager you can follow below methods to troubleshoot the issue explaining the right solution to the problem.

disable kaspersky password manager

Steps To Fix Kaspersky Password Manager Unknown Error:


Step1: Open Kaspersky password manager.

Step2: Click on export passwords to create a backup for saved passwords in manager.

Step3: After backup click on settings button and search for updates.

Step4: Install updates for latest updated version.

Step5: Check whether Kaspersky Password Manager Error has been fixed.


Step1: If not able to Update or password manager not responding.

Step2: Open Kaspersky official and search for password manager PC.

Step3: Download latest version to the desktop of the PC.

Step4: Open the downloaded file and start installing.

Step5: After installing restart computer and check Kaspersky password manager is working.

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Step1: Open Kaspersky lab product.

Step2: Select settings located at the bottom left of the product window.

Step3: Select additional and click on network.

Step4: In network settings click on proxy server settings and select do not use proxy server. Now click on save and exit the window.

Dial Kaspersky Support Number 1-877-402-7778 to Fix Kaspersky Password Manager Error

Dial Kaspersky antivirus support number if you are looking for support from certified team of professionals to fix Kaspersky password manager. The support will be provided by taking remote sessions online to fix various issues you face with Kaspersky. Team of experts will keep in mind about your software and hardware configurations to make sure your system is healthy and running.