How to Fix Kaspersky Secure Connection Not Working?

Kaspersky may not work or stopped working in general due to corruption introduced into the computer you may not be able to enable secure connection. You will receive an error that secure connection has stopped working however the computer is connected to the internet due to unstable connection to the system.

If Kaspersky secure connection in not getting disabled or uninstall you need to read blog and follow procedure explain on How to Disable or Uninstall Kaspersky Secure Connection. But to fix Kaspersky secure connection not working error you are required to follow methods listed in the blog to solve the connectivity issue in Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Secure Connection Not Working

Steps to Kaspersky Secure Connection Has Stopped Working:


Step1: Open Kaspersky lab main page and click on settings button.

Step2: Click on general tab and scroll down to manage the settings.

Step3: From options select restore settings and press ok button after completing the process.

Step4: Press finish button to save the settings and restart the computer.


Step1: Click on Kaspersky secure connection and select virtual server selection button.

Step2: Choose select automatically option or select location according to your connectivity.

Step3: Now it will connect automatically and save preferences.


Step1: Open web browser and on warning page click on advanced option.

Step2: Press add exception button and click on view option.

Step3: Now click confirm security exception and save the settings exit the browser.

Step4: Close the browser and shut down the computer.

Step5: Wait till the system settle down and press and hold power button for 60 seconds.

Step6: Power the computer on and check if the issue is resolved.

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