How to Fix Kaspersky Update Error Code 85dc0034?

Kaspersky met with update error code 85dc0034 on your system means you’re your antivirus is unable to download the latest updates. Sometimes kapersky error code 85dc0034 comes when Kaspersky incorrectly configured system settings or irregular entries in the Windows registry. And there could be multiple other reasons for this error and you need to fix the actual problem causing the error.

Actually, at the time of Kaspersky update you can face various types of issue, if you face update related issues again and again you can read our blog how to diagnose update issues in Kaspersky antivirus and avoid such errors. However, right here you need to follow the instructions given below to fix Kaspersky update error code 85dc0034 and update this internet security software to keep your system protected from new threats with Kaspersky protection.

Kaspersky Update Error Code

Steps to Fix Kaspersky Update Error Code 85dc0034:


Step1:Restart your system and click on computer system’s correct date/ or time.

Step2:Now open settings, then click on update and then select update source.

Step3: Here you need to click proxy server and then click uncheck proxy server.

Step4: Now after clicking back go to settings and select appearance and enable animate taskbar icon.

Step5: Here Top-right corner of Kaspersky window select Reports and then click lower right

Step6: Now select detailed report and choose lower left and then click update

Step7: Here just click save and exit to save all and attach your report to your next post.


Step1: Make sure that the system is connected to a working internet.

Step2: If your internet is running at proxy server, adjust the proxy server settings in application.

Step2:Now on the Taskbar notification area, right-click the application icon and click on run update.

Step2:Here if app is hidden then click on the show hidden icon and click on Kaspersky lab icon.

Step2:Now you can see the update screen on your system, just restart your system aft re update.

Call Kaspersky Support Number 1-877-402-7778 to Fix Kaspersky Error Code 85dc0034

The above discussed two methods will definitely help you to fix Kaspersky update error code 85dc0034, however if you still failed to fix this error, means you need an expert who can diagnosis the actual cause of this error code and suggest the best solution for assured results. So, contact Kaspersky support number will directly connect you with certified technicians who will just take your system on remote and fix kaspersky error codes with assured results.