How to Protect Your PC against File-Encrypting Ransomware?

Kaspersky is an Internet Security used for the protection of PCs and laptops from different malwares, adware, spyware, ransomware, viruses and various threats. It has been designed and developed with latest technology to protect computer system from destructive viruses and protect Ransomware attack. It is easily supported with the leading devices running on Windows, Mac and Android operating system.

It is comprised with latest features and protection tool that can scan system from every corner and remove the hidden malicious files. It runs non-stop if it installed and configured correctly and provides round the clock protection without any issues but due to some technical misbehavior a few errors can be faced like Installation, Product Key Error, Virus Removal problem, Configuration error, Uninstall or Reinstall Kaspersky Antivirus, New Registration and file-encrypting Ransomware trouble etc.


The above listed issues can be solved easily by getting in touch with decrypt protect Ransomware technical team who are offering online tech support for the Kaspersky users. This service is currently offered for US and Canada users. The technicians engaged here are experienced, skilled and certified and they troubleshoot any issue by taking the system on remote in which technicians don not need to visit at the customer’s doorstep and this method is known as “Remote Access Technology” used for online assistance.

Steps to keep PC safe from file-encrypting ransomware:

Step 1: Don’t open mails received from unknown email:

  • Users are advised not to open the mails received from unknown email IDs with titled as important information such as court’s order, notice of intended prosecution, late fee notice or similar to these which can contain ransomware. It can be in the form of EXE files, DOC or PDF formats.

Step 2: Use the updated operating system, Antivirus tools and other application/drivers

Step 3: Create Backup files and store in external drive

  • Users can also create backup for the files and keep them in a remote storage device or in a cloud repository. It will protect from file-encrypting malware and also from a computer breakdown as well.

Step 4: Create individual network folders for each users

With the help of these steps only one network folder will be damaged if a computer is infected, if you are using the shared network folders. So, to remove it, use the separate network folders.

For any online technical help for Ransomware protection Kaspersky users are needed to dial the Kaspersky customer service phone number which is a toll free number with 24x7 existences. Nonstop tech help is provided here by the experts at low cost of service charge.