How to Recover Files Deleted By Kaspersky Internet Security?

Once in a life time every one has deleted some files or being deleted by antivirus needed after deletion for that you can recover deleted files by Kaspersky. However the recovered file may be an infected file by some virus or malware and has to be treated to secure the system after restoring process has been completed successfully.

If you don’t know the procedure to scan system by knowing procedure here read the blog How to Scan Your PC Using Kaspersky Antivirus 2017. But if you are not able to recover files deleted by Kaspersky antivirus you can read the methods given below and follow step by step instruction to solve the problem to recover files, some files may be damaged by viruses and may be recovered completely with viruses and malwares attached to it disinfect such files to avoid any loss to your personal information.

How to Recover Files Deleted By Kaspersky

Steps to Recover Files Deleted By Kaspersky Antivirus:

Step1: Open Kaspersky antivirus dashboard by double click on Kaspersky icon.

Step2: Press additional tools button located at the bottom of the tab.

Step3: Now press Quarantine button found in the left side pane of tools tab.

Step4: Select all the files you want to restore and click restore button located at the bottom left of the tab.

Step5: In popup window there is a warning with restore button press the button.

Call Kaspersky Number +1-877-402-7778 to Recover Files Deleted by Kaspersky Internet Security

Sometimes Antivirus may have accidently delete your files or while using the files are deleted and to recover them you can execute step by step methods. If files not getting recovered after following the procedure you can contact Kaspersky support number by Dialing toll free number +1-877-402-7778 (USA & CA) round the clock. Get in touch with certified technicians to get support on various errors you encounter with Kaspersky antivirus to get online support in US and Canada.