How to Troubleshoot Update Issues In Kaspersky 2017?

Keeping your software updated with latest updates helps to work with better performance and productivity. Similarly, Kaspersky internet security also gets regular updates to enhance the security level and enjoy nonstop protection from various cyber threats.

But what if you face a problem while updating your Kaspersky internet security 2017 software? You will not be able to use the latest features of Kaspersky Internet Security, and it is very necessary with the year change you should update or upgrade the Antivirus software regularly. And here below you can also find how to troubleshoot update issues in Kaspersky 2017.

Check the Time and System Date on your PC

If your system is running with older version of Kaspersky and you are looking to update it with latest version, you should keep your system’s time updated with internet timing. Because, when new updates are released, it can be downloaded or updated as per the availability for this particular computer system.

Check Proper Internet Connection

Slow speed internet connection or interrupted connectivity not allows downloading such updates, hence, if you failed to download the updates, check your internet connection and its speed. To download such large size updates high-speed internet connection is necessary to avoid incomplete downloading error.

update and upgrade kaspersky antivirus

Check and Remove any other third-party firewall

If your system has any other third party antivirus or firewall security software, unstill and remove it immediately before running the update process. Such software can block updates or create conflict due to similar functionalities on the same device. However, online support for Kaspersky antivirus update also available for end-users to help them remotely.

Check the Kaspersky Lab for updates availability

Before you start update process, check for the updates on Kaspersky Lab Update server whether it is available for your PC or not. To check updates open any link of server address list, if it open and downloaded, then server is accessible, and you can take online support for Kaspersky update related issues.  

Scan Your PC for Virus with Free Removal Tool

If your computer is already infected with virus, then it can stop you to install such security software into their PC. At this stage you can use freely available Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool for removing virus of malware from your system. Before you start full scan create Kaspersky Rescue Disk to keep backups.