The annual subscription support plans need a twelve month assurance and are refundable only within the 15 days of subscription registration. However, conditional on clean handed discretion of the company management on the facts of a separate case, payment can be refunded only for any reason you are not fully satisfied with service, we will make our best efforts to resolve the problem as soon as possible. However, if you are still not happy with our service, we facilitate refund policy in following conditions:

We follow 15 days money repayment policy with following terms and conditions

For yearly/small business plans:

  • If claim is made within 15 calendar year, 100% of plan money will be refunded
  • The repayment/refund policy is not applicable for per incidence plan
  • And no refund will be done after 15 calendar days of subscription plan.

Refunds are only acceptable, either of the following circumstances:

  • When you have all the prerequisites which were needed to resolve the issues and that was not fixed even your account was active.
  • The issues is out of range of the particular plan
  • 15 days have not completed after the issue was last worked upon by Kaspersky Technical Support Number support team.
  • And there has not been a solved issue or closed ticket in the past for unlimited plans.

User’s Responsibility (very important) with reference to obtaining services, you agree that you will:

Please interact patiently and cooperate with technicians of Kaspersky Technical Support Number:

We will use our best possible efforts to give best support service to you. And as per our past understandings, most of the issues can be solved through close cooperation between both, user and our technicians. You should attend our tech support team members appropriately and follow their instructions guided by them to get a hassle-free tech support service.